COVID-19 Safety Policy

As we prepare for the return to school for the 2020-2021 school year, there are a number of things that will be different.  This is not necessarily what we would have chosen, but we are doing our part to ensure the safety of our students and staff throughout this unusual season.  We feel it is best for all students to participate in in-person instruction, as long as it does not compromise their safety, and the safety of their family.

Through the years, Landmark Christian School has endeavored to provide a quality education to our students, while creating a safe environment spiritually, socially and physically.  We are no less committed to those ideals at his time, than at any time in the past. 

As we endeavor to move through this tumultuous season, the responsibility of the school to our families is threefold; communicate, educate, and reinforce.

  1. Communicate: It is important that we keep the lines of communication open this year like never before. LCS is committing to you that we will let you know if there is any situation that could affect you or your family.  We are asking you to please give us that same level of commitment.
  2. Educate: We want to educate the parents and caregivers of our students on the signs and symptoms of the virus, the importance of monitoring for these signs and symptoms, as well as how to respond to those signs and symptoms at home. 
  3. Reinforce: We are committing to you to do our part to reinforce what you are doing at home; monitoring for signs and symptoms and creating a clean and safe environment for everyone. 

We do understand that there is a certain amount of risk involved in coming together for school.  However, there are risks involved in many of the things we do from day to day; driving your car down the street, walking across a street, purchasing food prepared by someone you do not know in a restaurant, and many other daily activities that we do have risks.  We do our best to calculate those risks and avoid the things that have the highest risk factors.

As we prepare to open school we are not saying that there is no risk involved, but we are doing our best to minimize those risks.  Statistics show that children under the age of 18 are not a high risk group for this virus.  However, the fact that there is some risk causes us to pause and consider what we can do to minimize that risk.  This policy is designed to help us to achieve the greatest good for our students educationally, while working to protect them and their families at this time.

What measures are we taking to create a safe environment for learning during this pandemic?

  1. Before coming to school each day, each student and staff member needs to make sure that they are not experiencing any signs or symptoms of COVID-19.
    • Fever
    • Headache
    • Sore throat
    • Cough
    • Fatigue (This is not the same as being sleepy in the morning)
    • Nausea/vomiting
    • Diarrhea

    If a student has any of these symptoms it is the responsibility of the parent to make sure that they stay home.

  2. Before the students come to the classroom each day the staff will be sanitizing desks, doorknobs, and any common use areas that may be touched by multiple people throughout the day.

  3. Upon arrival each day there will be preventative measures taken to stop the spread of any sickness. Each individual’s temperature will be checked, and they will be using hand sanitizer before entering their classroom.

  4. We are going to be training our students to maintain social distances when lining up before class, as well as any other lines they may have to wait in during the school day. There will be markings on the ground letting them know where to stand to maintain a social distance.

  5. When coming together for chapel we will be practicing social distancing, sanitizing each microphone before use and between different users, and not passing around anything for object lessons.

  6. In our classrooms we are working on maintaining at least three feet between each desk. Teachers are going to be careful not to get too close to students, and if they have to help them with a project they will need to wear a mask and be careful to work side by side, not face to face.

    • Students will be required to wear a mask to school. Those masks should be a plain mask, not a fashion statement.

  7. At recess and lunch we are going to work on social distancing. Students may not sit side by side while eating lunch.  They must be at least three feet apart.  There will be no games at this time that cause there to be physical contact; i.e. tag, football, basketball, etc.

  8. When the snack bar does open, everyone must maintain social distances while waiting in line. There will be markings on the ground to help remind students, as well as to let them know how far apart to stand.

  9. Tetherball and four square lines will be marked on the pavement so that students maintain social distances while waiting in line.

  10. At dismissal we will continue to maintain social distances until the students are released to their parents.

What if a student or parent is uncomfortable with the in-person instruction and would rather not be in the classroom?

It has never been our policy to pressure anyone to participate in any event at Landmark Christian School that they feel is unsafe.  We want to be very clear that the school is not pressuring anyone to participate at a level with which they are uncomfortable.  Attendance at Landmark Christian School has always been on a voluntary basis and we have never pressured anyone to attend that did not want to do so.  We will do no differently this year than at any point in the past.

If a family feels uncomfortable with sending their students to in-person schooling at this time, we will be offering distance learning using Zoom instruction by the teacher.  Those students will receive the same instruction being given to students in the classroom via live-streaming.  The only time they would have to come to the school is on Friday afternoons, after the other students have gone home, so that they could meet with their teacher to take their quizzes and tests for that week.

The Zoom instruction option will not be available for students to start and stop as they wish. 

We will ask the parents to commit to either in-person instruction or Zoom instruction for their students, and stay with that program until their situation changes and they commit to the opposite format.  The Zoom instruction will be available in every class every day to accommodate any special needs that may arise.

If a student chooses to do the Zoom instruction they will need to be dressed in their uniform and signed in before roll is taken each morning.  Uniform checks will be done for students at home, as well as in school.  Students doing Zoom instruction will need to have all homework completed each day as well as having their steno signed.  The teacher will ask to see stenos and completed homework assignments of students at home doing Zoom.  The work will be checked daily, but will be dropped off at the school on Fridays when the student comes in to test.  If the work is not done on time, and turned in on Friday, there will be no credit given for that work.

Students doing Zoom will be expected to participate in chapel as well as their other classes.  Chapel services will be available on-line using the Zoom format that is being used for distance learning.  We feel that chapel is the most important class of every school day, and should be treated so whether the student is in school or at home.

While we feel there are many benefits to a student being in the classroom with their teacher and peers, we also understand that there may be times that other issues outweigh the benefits of being at school in person.  Students that cannot be at school in person will not be discriminated against in any way, but will be given the respect and consideration that they would be given if they were in the classroom.

What if a student comes down sick with COVID-19 while attending in-person classes at Landmark Christian School?

It is our sincere prayer that no student, student’s family member, or staff member comes down sick with this virus during the course of the school year.  However, viruses do not discriminate based on gender, ethnicity, or religion.  We know that there is a possibility that someone within the school may come down sick with this virus, or some other virus with similar symptoms during this school year.  With that in mind we understand that we must have a plan in place for how to deal with that possibility.

In the event that a student comes down sick with this virus, or has symptoms that could be this virus, we will be asking that family to quarantine until we are sure that they are over the virus.  We will also be asking that students classmates to quarantine until we are sure that none of them have contracted the virus.  If a teacher comes down sick with this virus, or symptoms that could be this virus, their entire class will have to be quarantined.  I would like to give a time frame for how long that would be but we may have to see how many people get sick, and how long that sickness lasts.

If it is at all possible we will continue to have lessons for that class during the quarantine using the Zoom instruction.  We will not be doing tests and quizzes at home, but they will have to be made up when it is safe to come back together and do so.

While this policy does not cover every possibility that could occur during this school year, we do have a plan for many circumstances that have arisen, or that may arise during the school year.  As the year progresses we will continue to look at this policy and modify it as needed.  It is our prayer that God would see fit to lift this virus and none of these things would be an issue in any way before we get very far into this school year.

Thank you for your confidence in placing your most valued possessions, your children, into our care for this school year.  We do not take the responsibility of doing the right thing for them lightly.  If at any time you have any questions or concerns do not hesitate to call the school.  It is our intention to provide the best education we can, and the best atmosphere to grow in, for your children.